Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's Happened Lately.

My boyfriend broke up with me. It was a fairly mutual thing, no ill will was harbored, quite the opposite in fact.
We broke up because we had an argument, basically. However, the argument was actually more of a buildup of something that I didn't realize was building inside me. Basically, since I'm out and he's not, we realized he put others before me when he normally wouldn't have, and it got to the point that basically he had no time between school and his family left for me. It resulted in some emotional distance, and a lot of pain, so we broke up.
But, there are benefits here. We're friends, i can actually have MORE access to his life now that there's nothing to hide about me, he'll still be there to help me navigate the confusing world of Singapore's gay culture, and I'll still provide unwavering optimism about the human condition. We've talked everything out now, so I'm actually feeling okay about this.
So, I'm not happy that I lost a boyfriend, but I am happy that I gained a friend I can trust.

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