Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'd written a long post, but due to a number of complications it was deleted before it ever reached the internet.
Anyway, gonna take driving lessons, hopefully I'll find some Kendo lessons too.
Wish Rajen would tell me if he even wants to see me or not, and would pick up when i call, it's a nice courtesy, even if you want to avoid someone.
And if he is trying to obtusely avoid me, I wish he'd just say so instead of leaving me confused.
Anyway, I've been seriously angry and pissed off recently. Especially today.
So I'm taking a break. I'm closing down MSN for a while, and not gonna go on facebook. might check e-mail, but probably only for interesting flyers, it's all i use my old account for anyway, it's a glorified RSS reader.
I'll update later, when I feel less pissed at everyone, three people who read my blog.



    this is my blog's link. since you have "lost" it...


    this is my blog's link, since you have "lost" it?