Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bailout Rant.

I want to say first that I LIKE the ARRA, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, because I'm into the whole Keynesian economics, socialization of vital industries, and state health care for the lower and middle classes.
What I don't like is the main criticism I hear about it. "Once again I have to support Americans living beyond their means..."
Its all stuff like that, always "why should I have to help the poor" or "why should I pay for other peoples healthcare"
Think about this.
People are getting pissed off, about HELPING PEOPLE.
People are angry about doing the right thing, assisting the downtrodden and those who WEREN'T necessarily thinking they were living beyond their means.

Back then those who, if one actually looked at their finances, should not have bought a house at that point, were being told by the realtors and banks that they could and should afford it.

And that concept of "NO IT'S MY MONEY" NO ITS NOT, not anymore, its public now because its either give more money to the Fed for a while, or have a complete economic collapse.

On top of that, something that kind of sickens me is the worry about the market value of ones house. In my opinion? They should be glad to even HAVE a house, and shouldn't even be THINKING of selling the thing at this point.

I realize, not everyone who I've asked to read my blog will agree, and of course I'm not totally right or anything, its not like i went off and did a ton of market research, or looked at all of the numbers, but this is a rant, so I'm just venting some anger.
I realize that this will have to be paid for largely by my generation, but to be honest? If it works, or even if it doesn't fully work, but if it helps even ONE person, I'm still willing to pay that price.

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