Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Rant About Gay-Inaction

I'm thinking about something which I may have to fight for for the rest of my life, and not just me but some of my friends and my own mother.
Something most people I know can do that I don't even have the option of doing in anywhere but the above places.
I'm thinking about Marriage.
It has been over 40 years since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s began, and so many groups have gained equality, not just in the states but around the world, since then, except for the group that I and my mother identify with. Its been 30 years since the assassination of Harvey Milk and we've only slightly progressed since then, which is sickening.
I'm listening to a podcast at this moment.
Its an interview with a great great man, a friend of Milk who appears in the film (in the background, a little cameo) and everything he's said is striking and uplifting, and somehow depressing.
His name is Cleve Jones.
He's saying one thing really, that we must now demand Federal Action, this has gone on for much much too long, accepting little bits of hope and continuing to take abuse. We've gone on doing this for years.
Its rediculous.
Does this mean another march on washington? probably. does it mean boycotting businesses like Cinemark which had/have CEOs who support things like Prop 8? yes.
but boycotts, Marching, Protest, going from door to bloody door to talk to people at home and tell them, plead with them, to support your cause, requires focus.
Which is what Mr.Jones supports; YES we should fight, and we should take no more compromise in LGBT equality until we win.
I realize most of the people I'm tagging in this are not Gay or even Bisexual, but equal rights are important and we should all fight for them.
I think its probably a good idea for most of you to listen to this interview,
On iTunes its under Feast of Fools podcast, episode #892.
Cleve Jones also came up with the AIDS quilt.
I might delete or have to re format this note. but in my defense, I AM pretty new to the whole posting things online thing, i also might put it on my LJ but no one reads that anymore.
I'm already tired of fighting, and i haven't even had a chance to begin.

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