Friday, February 27, 2009

Cleaning Day, Found My Watch, Feeling Better, and An Interview.

I had an interview with the embassy, got two hours of sleep the night before, but it doesn't matter, I think they liked me, thought I was funny. I made sure to be honest, explain that I've been sick lately, but usually I'm more then capable of the job. its two hours a day, which sounds like nothing because well, it pretty much is, no matter. The hardest part of the job, should i get it (fingers crossed) will be getting there and back.
If i take a taxi, I'll actually be loosing money for the day.
but it looks like I could take the MRT and bus number 7 for about 4 dollars or less even a day. just take the MRT to orchard, ride number 7 to the british embassy, walk the 5 minutes to the US embassy,
basically i'll have to leave at 10:30 or maybe 10:45, but that's fine. And instead of taking the bus back to the MRT, I'll just walk, it's easier.
It'll start out at about 17 dollars a day, but move up a bit when they have me work longer hours.

Ok besides the interview. I'm feeling a lot better health wise.
My throat hurts alot, it hurts like hell actually. But still better overall. I went from having all sorts of pains and aches and stomach trouble and such to just having a really bad sore throat. Topical Benzocaine, panadol, and a daily dose of Acyclovire (used for herpes usually, but it works on what i have) is helping it along. I'll be fully healed soon, but for now, It hurts.

My usual watch ran out of battery power. Maybe i'll just buy a new digital this time, its had a good run. Eight years of loyal service, maybe it's time for retirement.
Also I found my nice watch, the fancy expensive one I got for graduation. It's in perfect condition, except a single LED flickered out of existance. If I can find the warrenty I'll get it patched up, but really, it's fine, i'll just add an extra hour on mentally after 2 o'clock.

Finally, my boyfriend is coming over tonight, but has to rush off for a time tomorrow. Still he'll be spending the nights at my place, and all of sunday with me. and we'll have breakfast together. Anyway, it means today i'm cleaning my room, hiding the massive pile of books.

Ok everyone, that's all for today, I'm going to make the rest of that mac and cheese i have.

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