Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Post!

Always wanted to say that.
Ok, a blog. maybe i can do this. just because i failed on facebook and on LJ, doesn't mean that i cant keep a blog.
this would be so much easier with a camera.
anyway. I'm typing this whilst being ill, thirty eight and a half degree fever, not pleasant.
but I'll get better soon enough.
I'm going to move all of my old posts from other things, embarrassing as they may be, on to this. kinda make it more substantial.
Might want to make this private if i post certain info i ought to be secretive about.
Maybe I'll go back to LJ.
or cross post, Airy's on that.
but then Rajen's on this.
everyone's on facebook though....
hmm i can keep three network thingies i guess.
though don't be surprised if the next post is two to eighteen months from now.

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