Thursday, February 19, 2009

Health Update

Ok, I just got back from the doctor, verdict is that, with my symptoms, there's a good chance that I have Dengue, the blood test should come by sometime late tomorrow I think, but once the full course of the disease had been explained to me, I'm actually hoping it may be, to an extent.
Why? because the main negatives at this point will only be a rash, and a low platelet count, which i can handle. i just have to be careful not to get hurt for a while, and not scratch, two things i can definitely handle with minimal problems.

That being said, I also talked to him about getting a small spectrum std test, as I'll admit to having had unprotected sex two or three times, and with more then one partner, namely it's about what i did with Chris that could cause concern.
I'm sure I have nothing, but its not a matter of that, its a matter of having that piece of paper that says i'm healthy.
My boyfriend should get one soon too, he just has to go to his GP and ask.
But that being said its not just HIV they're testing for, Syphilis too, i would have gone for the Hepatitis B test, but I should have already had my immunization shots for that, especially with all the travel.

Outside of that, I'm doing very well, whatever it is I've had this last week has calmed down to an extreme today. I actually felt worse then ever, minus stomach pain, last night, however this morning I felt ok, and i havent taken any meds yet today but i still feel alright.

I may post something about the bailout soon....

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